Poetry of Kansas

The Rain

I stood and watched the rain come clown.
    The air was full of drops
That wet the trees down at their roots
    And through their leafy tops.
And soaked the grass upon the ground
    As far as I could see,
Till field and forest, lawn and lane
    Were wet as wet could be.
I tried to count the drops that fell
    Upon one patch of green.
I counted ten and guessed the rest--
    A billion and sixteen.
I tried to count the moistened blades,
    And got to twenty-four,
And guessed the number was about
    A trillion trillion score.
A trillion trillion score of blades
    A billion drops, oh, me I
Who would have thought in all the world
    So many things could be?

__John Edward Everett.


Quillings in Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center, Kansas: ___. 1912)
Page 103

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