Poetry of Kansas

Not Gain, but Loss

Is there gain in whisky drinking ?
    Will it bring your purse more money?
Will it bring you riches quicker?
    Will it make your life more sunny?
Will it make your friends admire you
    With a wholesome approbation?
Will it help, at all, to fire you
    With true, manly aspiration?
Is there gain in whisky drinking?
    Will it give you strength to labor,
Lead you on to higher thinking,
    Make of you a kinder neighbor,
In your business bring successes,
    To your family give true pleasure,
Holy love, the joy that blesses,
    Happy hours and tranquil leisure?
Is there gain in whisky drinking?
    No; it leads to loss unmeasured,
Leads to every form of losing___
    Loss of things most highly treasured,
Losses quite beyond conceiving
    Quite beyond the wildest dreaming;
Losses, too, beyond retrieving___
    Yes, quite far beyond redeeming.
Is there gain in whisky drinking?
    No; 'twill surely make you poorer;
And a path to downfall quicker
    'Twould be hard to find___or surer.
Loss goes e'er with liquor using,
    Deepest loss and ruin direst.___
Shunning it is wisest choosing,
    If thou good and gain desirest.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Pages 38-39

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