Poetry of Kansas

The Craggy No-Kish

The bold Lummie Low met K. Kiddle Day
    In the craggy Nantucket No-Kish.
He tipped his high hat and ventured to say:
    "Please hand me the kinketo-vish."
Then K. Kiddle glared and drew a step nigher,
    And thundered: "What is it you wish ?"
And he swung his great club and curbed not his ire,
    And extended the kinketo-vish.
Then Lummie emitted an audible smile,
    As he stared at the kinketo-vish;
And his mad, moaning wail went many a mile
    Through the caves of the craggy No-Kish.
And he cringed as his cry quivered sharp through the wold,
    For, ah, what was the kinketo-vish?
Oh, with joyous chagrin be the tale boldly told:
    'Twas a creepy, uncanny Quobish.
The two glowered and fought for the kinketo-vish,
    And cemented their friendship that day,
As all through the caves of the craggy No-Kish
    There sounded the joy of the fray.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 75

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