Poetry of Kansas

Cheerful Moses Brown

I used to smile at Moses Brown,
    And yet I liked the way he had
Of thinking life was well worth while,
    If luck was good or luck was bad.
I've heard him say when things went wrong:
    "I call this living; now's my chance;
I would not miss this for it is
    A vital part of life's romance."
Once, when he lost his house by fire,
    He cried with joyful confidence:
"I'm living now; a thing like this
    Enriches one's experience."
His wife once whipped him long and hard.
    "I thank you, ma'am," he said in glee;
"It all goes in to make life's cup;
    I've more experience now," said he.
I saw him in his dying hour;
    He faintly gasped: "A rare event!
I would not miss it for the world;
    Its something new; I die content."

__John Edward Everett.


Quillings in Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center, Kansas: ___. 1912)
Page 102

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