Poetry of Kansas

The Little Man I Saw.

I saw a wondrous man, last night,
        About six-inches tall,
And just as fat as fat could be
        A good deal like a ball.
You'd laugh to see the little man,
        So plump and fat and round,
Who held his head up very high
        Six inches from the ground.
His hair was green, his eyes were pink,
        His coat a whitish black;
He wore an earring in his nose,
        A pigtail clown his back.
And such a jolly little chap
        You'll hardly ever find;
His smile reached round his little head
        Until it tied behind.
He tried to turn a somersault,
        And tried his very best;
But when his heels were in the air
        He couldn't turn the rest;
And there he stood, his feet on high
        Six inches high, of course
And cried for help until his voice,
        His little voice, was hoarse.
And soon a whiff, of wind arose
        And blew him down, and lo!
He scurried to his feet and cried:
        "I knew I could, you know."
He then proposed a standing jump,
        And said: 'I'll show you, soon,
Although I'm small, that I can leap
        Away up to the moon."
He cried out: "One, two, three", and then
        It made the old moon flinch
He made a superhuman leap,
        And jumped about an inch.
And now I'll tell you where to find
        This man of height and might:
His home is in the land of dreams
        I saw him there last night.

__John Edward Everett.

Quillings in Verse
(Smith Center: 1912)
Pages 6-7

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