Poetry of Kansas

A Song of Kansas Land

I'll sing a song of Kansas land,
      With pride I will begin it;
For Kansas is s fine old state,
      And the finest folks are in it.
I'll let my voice ring out with joy;
      I'll be not slow to raise it;
For Kansas is my happy home,
      And I delight to praise it.
From east to west four hundred miles,
      From north to south a half that,
Our glorious Kansas land is one
      That no one needs to laugh at.
It goes straight down four thousand miles,
      A million up___'tis true, sir,
And the best old state it is for me,
      And the best it is for you, sir.
'Tis a land of corn, but not of wine,
      With milk and sorghum flowing;
Of mighty crops through flood and drought,
      And playful cyclones blowing;
A state of hopes that bud and bloom,
      (Though sometimes doomed to blasting);
Of forging on through calm and storm,
      With purpose firm and lasting;
A state of ores and fossil things,
      (With human fossils fewest ;)
Of oldest old things to be found,
      And novelties the newest;
A state of coal and oil and gas,
      (And just a mite of "gassing" )
A state that lofty Eastern folks
      Are pretty fond of "sassing".
There's hardly any spot on earth
      The sun so fondly beams on;
For when it gets to gleaming once,
      It gleams and gleams and gleams on.
And few the places anywhere
      That rain so likes to rain to;
For when it rains, it rains and rains,
      Till there's scarce a place to drain to.
The world thinks Kansas is a freak,
      Quite bent on deeds ungainly;
But maybe, now, the world's a freak,
      While Kansas acts just sanely.
We'll teach this old world, something yet,
      If she's not too old to learn it;
And if the world can teach us aught,
      We surely will not spurn it.
I'll sing for Kansas long and loud___
      The theme is worth the singing;
I'll shout her glories to the world
      In voice, full, round and ringing.
For Kansas is my happy home,
      The state I love with fervor.
I'll give my voice and give myself
      And all I have to serve her.

___John Edward Everett

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Pages 53-55

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