Poetry of Kansas

H. E. E.

        Fine-faced and fair,
        With sun-lit hair,
And stature slight and low:
        Thus was he then;
        0 memory! When?
Well, twenty years ago.
        An upright head,
        And freeman's tread,
By seeming right he had.
        And, straight and lithe,
        And bright and blithe,
He was a winsome lad;
        In flesh. well-knit;
        And quick of wit
As any to be found;
        As full of squirm
        As a wriggling worm
That curls upon the ground;
        As full of noise
        As other boys
Have bee since time began;
        The very kind,
        In frame and mind,
To make a forceful man.
        The boy is grown,
        And now is known
As able, strong, and graced
        With manly heart,
        To do his part
Wherever he is placed.
        A man of skill,
        And well-trained will,
And power to see and know,
        Who verifies
        The prophecies
Of twenty years ago.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Pages 92-93

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