Poetry of Kansas

A Gloomy Day

A dreary snow is this
    That stretches far and wide,
And chills the earth and air
    Through all the countryside.
The sky has lost its blue,
    And dismal hangs and dum,
And lowers, low and near,
    And grimly hides the sun.
The withered fringe of grass
    That stands above the snow
Sways silently when touched
    By winds that coldly blow.
There stands by yonder hedge
    A horse with drooping ears;
And, browsing by a stack,
    A shivering cow appears.
A bird swoops near to earth,
    A black ill-omened crow.
And "caws" upon the scene,
    As though to curse the snow.
Ah, 'tis a dreary day,
    Oh, 'tis a dolesome view;
And my sad soul is chilled,
    And cheerless through and through.

___John Edward Everett

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 25

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