Poetry of Kansas

Song Of Fol-de-Rol

Oh, fol-de-rol-de-roodle,
    Oh, roi-de-roi-de-too;
I bid you howdy doodle,
    And howdy doodle-doo;
And if you doubt my honor,
    Nor think am speaking true,
I'll cry, "Oh, fol-de-roodle,
    And fol-de-rol-de-roo.
Oh, fol-de-rol-de-roodle,
    And roi-de-roi-de-too;"
I have a little poodle
    Whose tail is quite like Q;
And if you want that poodle,
    Just come and say you do,
And I am sure he quickly
    Will say: "I quite like you."
Oh, fol-de-rol-de-roodle,
    And fol-de-rol-de-roo;
I have a little boodle,
    And this is how it grew:
I learned to be a broker,
    And got me notes, not due,
And I shaved them___with my razor___
    And my boodle grew and grew.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 35

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