Poetry of Kansas

The Ozark Trail

O'er the plains of sunny Kansas,
  Between the fields of ripening grain,
Traverses the famous highway,
  The Ozark mountain trail.
And extends through Arkansas,
Where cotton often grows as tall
  As wheat and corn in Kansas,
  In the valley of Neosho,
The Verdigris and the Kaw.
When you reach the Ozark mountains,
    Then you will learn something about
The hospitality of the people,
    Their streams and speckled trout,
To drink from nature's fountains
    Will at once quench your thirst,
Then you will love Missouri
    For her rivers and her rock.
Way down in beautiful Oklahoma
    And Texas lonely pines,
Winds the Ozark trail of promise
Where they are drilling now for oil.
A trip down through the Ozarks
    In memory will never stale,
The land where nature marvels
    The scenic Ozark trail.  

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 44

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