Poetry of Kansas

Old Glory On The Rhine

I am writing from the battlefield
    To dear old ma and dad;
I know when they receive this note
    It will make them both feel glad.
We are now upon the battle front
    With Old Glory flying on
Against the human menace
    Of military Kaiserdom.
I dreamed that I was home again,
    And strolled down by the spring
To see the sparkling waters glide
    Down through the crags and rills.
The music of the water broke
    As the moon arose o'er the hill.
I heard the Night Bird of the wood
    Sing her sweet whip poor will.
Cheer up, old grey haired daddy,
    Dear mother, dry those tears,
Your boy will fight your battle,
    No Kaiser does he fear.
Inspired by the American Eagle,
    With his talons strong as steel,
He will unfurl the Stars and Stripes
    O'er forest, field and stream.
March on, cries General Pershing,
    With spurs and sword in hand.
Up with the Flag of freedom
    Down with the Kaiser's flag.
Place the Stars and Stripes, dear flagman,
    On the dome where it may be seen,
Waving for God and humanity,
    O'er the city of Berlin.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 40

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