Poetry of Kansas

Ode To Major Robert Lewis

The promotion of Robert Lewis
From Captain to Major Bob
Was earned for his bravery
And the kindness shown his men.
But alas! when came the parting,
The misty tear drops came
That trickled down the cheeks
Of the boys of Ammunition Train.
When Major Lewis was transferred
Then came the sad goodbys;
All promised to meet again
Somewhere, live or die.
The meeting was in bleeding France,
Beneath a foreign sky;
The tender joys that were expressed
Money can not buy.
At the first call of his country,
While yet in his 'teens,
Major Lewis carried a musket
In the far-off Philippines,
Full of vim and laughter,
He came marching home as sergeant
Bob has never faced a back flag
Nor had his heels in water.
The burning hearts of friendship beat
For all tried and true good men.
Major Lewis wears the plume
Of an American pure and firm.
When he returned with the boys,
The gates were all outswung,
And every promise made,
He faithfully fulfilled.  

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 22

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