Poetry of Kansas


A House is built of brick and stone
Of sills, of posts and piers,
But a home is built of Loving Hearts
That stand a thousand years.
A House, though but an humble cot,
Within its walls may hold
A wife and mother of priceless worth
Rich in loves eternal gold.
The men of earth build houses
In valley, hills and plains
But women of our nation
Are the builders of our homes.
Our women are the leaders
Of all societies of men,
'Tis their guidance through life
That makes good Christian men.
It was so at the beginning
And will continue to the end.
The hand that rocks the cradle
Holds the destiny of men.
When tears and heartaches go
Down the lane we traveled through
Then fond memory brings us back
To our home sweet home.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 10

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