Poetry of Kansas

Tribute To Our President
Warren G. Harding

He was a man of sterling worth
    Honest calm and brave.
Duty was his motto
    Morning, noon and eve.
Firm in his convictions,
    A man of high degree.
From the Atlantic to the Pacific
    Millions mourn for our president today.
Always afectionate with relatives
    And familiar with his friends;
He never spoke unkindly
    Had a smile for every one.
And from his early training,
    He never drifted away.
A tried and true Americans
    He lives in our minds today.
Who will be next when
    The church bell tolls and knells
No eye, ear nor tongue
    Can see, hear nor tell
Where the hand of Fate
    In day or night shall come
With the scythe of time
    To mow down the lives of men.
"L' Envoi"
One by one the leaves have fallen
    Reminding us that the golden summer
So delightfully loitered
    Will soon be gone,
How thickly our pathway
    Has been strewn with roses
In our sunny days of life,
    How sweetly the birds have sung.
How fragrant have been
    The millions of blossoms
That have entwined our cottage.
    How delightful, too, have been
The starry nights, I need not tell
    We have drunk at the fountain
Of intellectuality, but, "at last"
    The feast is ended, farewell, farewell.  

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 18

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