Poetry of Kansas

A Merry Christmas And Happy
New Year To All

Here's to the merriest Christmas
Happiest and best New Year.
Here's to those we love the most
And here's to ourselves, good cheer.
Here's to all home coming
In all nations far and near.
Here's a smile for all present,
For each absent one a tear.
Here's to the Star of Bethlehem
That beams so clear and bright
O'er the manger when Christ was born
On the Eve of Christmas night.
Here's to the dove and eagle
For peace in all the States
And here's to the American turkey
For a piece upon all our plates.
Here's to the sick and needy
And to those with health and wealth
May each contribute freely
And gladden every heart.
Here's to the widow and orphans
Who have neither hearth nor home.
Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year
A Merry Christmas Time.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 14

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