Poetry of Kansas

An Ode To Governor Capper

The sun rises in the ancient east,
But sets in Kansas' modern west,
Where all men and women are equal
And everything is the very best.
Where the mountains far reaching shadows
O'er the dugout quietly falls,
And the mirror Plains reflect to man
God's coming twilight hours.
We are blest out here in Kansas
With sunshine, air and rain,
A trinity of God's pure elements
That make men of muscle, brawn and brain.
Our women are most beautiful,
All can bake, wash and iron,
And our virgins true to their sweethearts
And sure treat the husbands fine.
The mocking bird has returned again
From the beautiful southern glades,
And will enchant us with his sweetest songs,
All through the harvest days.
Our boys and girls from all the towns
Will reinforce the men
To help save the grain that God has grown
For our brave Sammies dressed in brown.
I will quote words from Governor Capper
From a speech he made last fall
That Kansas can raise grain enough
To feed all our allies that are now engaged in
We believe it because he said it,
And with western pride affirm
That whatever Governor Capper says
You can rely upon.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 34

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