Poetry of Kansas

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Though far from America tonight, I can see
A Triangle and Star in the window for me,
A kind father and mother with hair silver
And a sweetheart to greet when I return
      home to stay.
Let the triangle dangle o'er each sod house
      and plain,
It's an emblem that no traitor dare stain.
O'er the Unter der Linten the flag that en.slaved
The Red, White and Blue shall defiantly
Not far in the distance on the battlefield
A little white tent and a nurse here is seen,
With the red cross of purity on her forehead
      and arm,
She is a Sister of Mercy like a mother so
To our nurses and sisters of the Red Cross we owe
For their angelic devotion for our soldiers they show.
We shall give to our nurses every penny in sight
To aid our brave boys who are now in the fight.
From Kansas, great Kansas, the pride of the plains,
Her sons by thousands are crossing the seas,
To fight for a democracy that will set the
      world free
Of a military autocracy so inhuman and

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 42

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