Poetry of Kansas

In Memory Of Harold R. Andrews

He gave his life for Democracy,
For home and native land
And died at his post of duty,
Dauntless, brave and grand.
Just at the dawn of morning
God called him home to rest,
A soldier for humanity,
A soldier who did his best.
He fought beneath Stars and Stripes
For the country he loved so we
In Flanders Fields in France,
Our gallant Hero fell.
He responded to his country's call
One day in early May;
We prayed that he might return,
But alas! In France he sleeps today.
The hardships caused by World War,
With age may chill our blood,
And the years may fleet away
With the wings of a dove;
Remembrance will still be the last
For those who marched away;
A wreath of flowers we will save
And place on each Hero's grave
Treasured in our memory
Just like a happy dream;
Were the parting words to Mother
That Harold sweetly gave.
As a token of true friendship
We bold sacredly today,
The flower plucked by Mr. Benson
From our Angel Harold's grave.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 21

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