Poetry of Kansas

All Welcome Home

I can see Old Glory waving
I can hear the happy throng
Singing "America I am coming"
Back to the dearest spot on earth.
I can see those ocean steamers
All plumed in silvery sprays;
I can see those angel mothers,
A waiting for their son today.
Every sound of the whistle
Has an echo in the heart
And brings fondest recollections
Of the land that gave them birth.
At the fireside now are waiting
Wives and mothers and lovers true,
A kind old father, too, is waiting
Patiently, dear son, for you.
A sister and a brother too
Are standing where they stood
The day you left the old home
For the unknown battle front.
You said, "Goodby, dear Mother,
Some day I will return."
I know you were in earnest
And meant every word you said.
Three cheers, for all the stars
On our Old Glory flag,
That represents the U. S. A.
North, East, South and West.
There are forty-eight that twinkle
United all in a line,
The Gold Star is Mother's Star
And is number forty-nine.
We welcome all our boys
To their old home again.
They are tried and true Americans
Of the bravest type of men.
We welcome the 35th Division
And the divisions of all the state
As greetings from Sunny Kansas,
Oklahoma, and Missouri--
The giant Plainsmen
Of the Middle West.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Pages 28-29

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