Poetry of Kansas

What They Say

Let your speech be the thoughts of your soul,
    "What they say" is burdened with lies;
Never tarnish your love for the truth,
    In repeating the rumor that flies.
For despised is the man who will steal
    The good name his neighbor may wear;
It will profit him nothing to take,
    While a curse will his soul ever bear.
Once this garment of righteousness soiled,
    Stains upon it forever will stay;
Let your lips never carry the smutch,
    That will rot in eternal decay.
"What they say" has brought sorrow and pain,
    To the innocent, just, and the pure;
Don't number yourself with the throng
    Common decency cannot endure.

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Page 45

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