Poetry of Kansas


LOVE is a monster if allowed to rove
Unchained through the world, with passions to move
The hearts of the young, with power to bind
Some unhappy souls that will not combine.
Chain the proud monster that lurks in the breast,
Let reason be judge, with passions at rest;
Choose a companion whose soul is a glass
Reflecting your image as by it you pass.
Then on through the journey of life as you go,
The bliss of your happiness ever will throw
A light on your pathway to cheer your ill fate,
And change into smiles all your venomous hate.
It will welcome your evening, whose dark shades of
So often is frosted with chilling cold blight;
You'll be warmed by the heat of your youth once again,
As you bask in it's pleasures and live it again.

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Page 38

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