Poetry of Kansas

Our Fallen Heroes

An army of heroes are sleeping to-day,
Clad in the garments of blue and of gray;
The choicest blood of our nation were they,
Tho valiantly toiled in the blue and the gray.
They slumber, these heroes, who marched to the eMI,
These heroes who stood as an adamant wall;
Stood firm though grim death did their lives there
Stood firm for their rights, should they triumph or fall.
They stood and they fought in the vapors of hell,
They fought mid the showers of bullet and shell;
They fought in the din of the victor's wild yell;
They stood and they fought and they fought till they
Fell, yes, they fell in that fratracide strife,
Fell while the tumult and riot were rife,
Fell, far from home, from the loved one, the wife;
On Liberty's altar they gave up their life.
They perished for issues they loved most sincere,
They perished for principles long held as dear;
They perished, then feeling not even a fear,
But victory triumphant would wave o'er their bier.
They fell, and the smoke of the conflict gave way,
When o'er them the mantle of peace's happy day
Settled down on a nation united, to stay,
Sealed by the blood which her martyrs did pay.
'Twas important they should, that a sectional strife
Have an end, and be wedded in one common life;
That our doubts, as a nation of freemen, be stilled,
Our experiment ended, our hopes to be filled.
Since they sleep as the martyrs who tested the right;
And fell that our flag might assert its great might;
Its power to bind all its stars e'en in night,
When out from their orbit, have taken their flight.
Pay them the tribute so well they deserve,
When their all has been given our rights to preserve;
Hold their memory high on the banner of fame,
And extol to our children a martyr's blest name.
Bring flowers and cover the place where they lie,
Let laurels bedeck each standard on high;
Speak language of praise, o'er their hallowed earth;
Chant sacred the notes, where does end all our
Crown them with roses, bedeck them with flowers,
These brave fallen heroes, these kinsmen of ours;
And let not a breath ever tarnish their name,
For these soldiers forever with blood sealed our

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Pages 57-58

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