Delphic Kansas

Kate Stephens

What Are You Doing for K. U.?
On a road in Kansas, one day when skies were gay,
I met Mr. Think-of-self going his life-way;
'What' - you ask - 'said Think-of-self? - and what did I say?'
'Blamed I'11 be', quoth Think-of-self, 'blamed if I see' -
In his right hand all the time holding his degree -
'What our University has ever done for me'.
'Now', said I, 'Think-of-self. think right steadily,
Could you in life-service half as able be.
If you were not in your hand holding your degree?
'Then Mr. Think-of-Self, the question is not what
K. U. has done for you - perhaps she had not
Just the right material to make the man she ought:
And time - it's essential to make the grad she sought.
The question is, my friend, - and its ethics ring true -
Not what our Alma Mater may have done for you;
But -
                What, in Return, Are You Doing for K. U. ?

Delphic Kansas
Kate Stephens
(Woodstock, N.Y.: The Maverick Press. 1911)
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