Delphic Kansas

Kate Stephens

Spring in Kansas
Make glad, make glad,
The lord of growth has come,
The sun has half his northward journey done,
And in deep-buried roots moves the Spirit!
Upon the dark-earthed field
Fires of last year's husks the farmer kindles -
Sacrifices to the lord of growth;
Smoke rises to the bluer heavens,
While hawk and solemn crow cut with long wing the sparkling
And little birds do sing 'Rejoice!
Rejoice! the springing life is here!'
For the sun, O brothers, shines upon our land!
And winds, O sisters, blow over all our land I
Mounting sap now brightens trunk of tree and vine,
And every tip-most twig swells out its leaf-buds:
The peach puts forth her bitter-tinted pink,
Red-bud empurples far each wooded stretch,
And, by the magic of the lord of spring,
Stand orchards, very ghosts of winter snows, white-cloaked in blossom.
And wheat, O sisters, greens in our rolling glebe,
And corn, O brothers, springs from its golden seed!
For sun-warmth and wind-strength and praise-God rain are abroad
                            in our land,
Three builders of worlds with the Spirit go forth hand in hand.
Make glad, make glad,
The lord of growth has come,
The sun has near his northward journey run,
And in deep-hurled roots moves Life ever-living!

Delphic Kansas
Kate Stephens
(Woodstock, N.Y.: The Maverick Press. 1911)
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