Poetry of Kansas


NOT song's divinest sacrifice
    Bears incense that is worthy thee,
O fair young land of tinted skies
    And rosy suns, where blithe and free
    The breeze of Southland, wind of love,
    Soft fans dew-moistened hill and grove,
The hills where erst the red man's gods descended,
And now the hunters sleep___their glory ended.
Ended! but ere its twilight dies
    New eyes have feasted on thy flowers,
And songs of sweeter harmonies
    Than breathed of love in dusky bowers,
    Proclaim the conquering tribes of men.
    The tasseled angel, Mondamin,
Reborn, divinely springs from sodded dullness,
And lives in brighter forms of perfect fullness.
O Kansas! blest thou art. Thy vines
    In purple affluence reveal
True diamond treasures: Soil and clime
    For health, for wealth: Thy sisters kneel
    To thee: With rose and myrtle crown
    Thee queen, when falls m splendor down
Thy harvest hair of brown and golden tresses,
And royal apples blush at summer's kisses.
And proud as thou art blest: Thy sons
    Have answered to the call of Death;
Nor gory swords, nor blazing guns
    Have stayed them from the warrior's wreath.
    Fine fire the pen that writes thy charms
    Of eye and brow and snowy arms,
Or cheek and lip where dreamily reposes
The sweet enraptured soul of nature's roses.
Hail! then, thou fair prophetic youth
    Of destiny! The stars give room;
The flag is brighter for thy deed and truth;
    As strong as fair, no early tomb
    Thy glory waits. Of noble birth,
    So may the seasons prove thy worth;
So may the flying years increase thy beauty
With virtue, valor, still thy children's duty.
Welcome to-day the hearts that loved thee___
    Great hearts that bled while thine lay bleeding,
When Freedom's peril moved and proved thee,
    Great souls who then thy voice were heeding;
    To poets grand whose words of flame
    Are wrought in splendor with thy fame,
To friends who poured for thee their ready treasure
Yield greeting, love and honor, not by measure.

__A. A. B. Cavaness.

Poems by Two Brothers
A. A. B. Cavaness & J. M. Cavaness
(Chetopa: J. M. Cavaness and Son Co. 1896)
Pages 32-33

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