Poetry of Kansas

The Fan.

BEHOLD this Fan!
   From far Japan
   'Twas brought for Thee;
   'Tis genuine Japanese___
Fair girl, accept it, please,
And when it stirs a breeze
   Think now and then of me.
   If you shall flirt
   This fan to hurt
   Some vain, fond man,
Whose life has sadly panned out
With hopes at last so fanned out,___
Oh, who indeed then can doubt
   That he will curse Japan?
   The wind is ill
   That blows to kill___
   Beware, beware!
Your hand that's white and seemly,
When vibrant soft, serenely,
Hath power strange and queenly___
   So fair! Take care!

__A. A. B. Cavaness.


Poems by Two Brothers
A. A. B. Cavaness & J. M. Cavaness
(Chetopa: J. M. Cavaness and Son. 1896)
Page 92

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