Poetry of Kansas

Which-Dandelions Or Dust?

There is some competition here, sir,
This spring, but not in fishing here, sir:
Our people here are most excited
O'er dandelions uninvited!
We have 'em growing in the yards, sir,
Where ground is soft and where it's hard, sir.
These flowers are anathema, sir,
To folks who pluck, yes, pluck each day, sir!
Big baskets full of golden yellows,
And sacks full, too, where toiling fellows,
On bending knees, are daily plucking
To help the chaps who do the trucking!
There's Dey and Ziegler working daily,
And women' too. Miss Frances Bailey,
And, well, too many more to mention,
Give now these pests their whole attention!
There are some bets, though, on whose winning,
Though some yards show a slight bit thinning,
But doubters always throw cold water
To make men's worthy efforts totter.
Says Truthful James: "Southwest winds blowing
Make riding up here easy going,
Instead of dust that fills the air sir,
It's dandelion seed up there, sir"!

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 104

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