Poetry of Kansas

Five Pennies--A Boy--A Tramp-A Dog

He stood a moment by the bank
Where hurrying crowds went by
Heartsick and weary, hungry, lank,
And weak, no friendly eye;
Until a bright, observing lad
That seemed to understand,
Stepped up and placed half that he had,
Five pennies, in his hand.
The vagrant turned to start away,
A lonesome dog came by
So gaunt and hungry; yes, a stray
That caught his pleading eye.
The vagrant spoke, "Are you like I
Alone where thousands tread,
Soon ready to give up and die,
For just one piece of bread?
The forlorn dog sprang up and said,
As only dogs can say,
"I'm starving and I need some bread."
I'm lost! I'm just a stray,
I'm hungry, tired and weary, too,
Oh, how, I need a friend,
I'll stay with you, I'll fight for you,
Until our journey's end."
"You come with me and share my lot,
The vagrant said to him,
We'll seek a quiet, lovely spot,
And drink from my hat's brim."
A spring near by--Two pals were fed,
With joyous whine and laugh,
Five pennies bought a loaf of bread,
The stray dog's share was half!

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 54

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