Poetry of Kansas

Tillie And Her Tots

(A Country School)
Tillie teaches in our school
Where the plan of love must rule;
Children love her, she loves them
For as teacher she's a gem.
Stops, with roadster, on her way
To the school house day by day,
Loading little children in.
What a shout! and what a din!
And at school her children work,
None of them would dare to shirk,
For, Miss Tillie, has a way
Of just making work hours play.
So they get their lessons well,
Learn to read and write and spell,
While geography's a snap
Finding places on the map.
Making maps, too, is a joy
For the little girl or boy.
Given pen and paper, they
Outline every road and way
That they travel night and morn,
And what's growing, wheat or corn,
Marking streams and bridges, too
Travelers cross when passing through.
Just one of our country schools
Where a patient teacher rules,
Who initiates the thoughts
She would teach the little tots,
And assists the budding mind,
As the tangled thoughts unwind.
Blessings on the little schools
Where a loving Tillie rules!

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 43

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