Poetry of Kansas

Home Economics

"This sweeping of rugs is a mighty poor habit,"
Said Old Uncle Henry Gewhillikens Crabit,
As wife piled the rugs and the carpets, outside
And said, "Please get busy," with door open wide
So she could observe if he did the job right--
Dust in the air and the cleaned carpets bright.
'Twas no use to argue, Geewhillikens knew
The weather was hot, but 'twas no time to stew
So reached, for the broom, a new one just bought,
His wife watching closely, reclining on cot.
He took the first one from the top of the pile,
As over the face of his wife spread a smile,
And started right in with the zest of a martyr
To show all the neighbors his wife was a tartar--
And then, one by one, he went after the rest,
With pep of a fighter, put to a hard test.
In one hour all carpets and rugs as before
Were lying, each one, in its place on the floor!
"Fine! Fine! " said sweet wife," You have saved a half dollar;
You seem to be sweating,
Dear, under the collar!
Just give me the half and I'll save twenty more--
Thirty cents buys a wave set worth fifty before!"

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 118

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