Poetry of Kansas

The Dandelion

Dainty little dandelion,
          Once we sang of you;
In the dear old school days,
          When our years were new.
And we watched in spring time
          For the yellow heads
That came gently peeping
          From the wintry beds.
Dainty little dandelion,
          Don't you, dear, get mad,
Just because the cities
          And towns now have a fad.
Don't you stop your growing,
          Don't forget to bloom;
Yes, I hear you saying,
          "There will still be room."
Somewhere by the roadside,
          Somewhere by the brook;
Somewhere in the pasture,
          If you take a look,
You may see the yellow
          Blossoming each day,
Making seeds for gardens
          A thousand miles away!
Sometime, though, some doctor,
          With a heavy brow,
Will dissect you, dearie,
And will tell us how
We can't live without you,
          Will tell us what you're worth;
Then a pest will come along
          And wipe you from the earth!

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 112

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