Poetry of Kansas

A Prairie Song

Is your heart a lonely plain
    That yields no golden story?
Is your heart a prairie wide
        Whence no echoes rise ?
Your soul it is a mountain-top
    With summits lost in glory,
Is your heart a desert pool
        Where no image lies ?
Steeped in mystic luring,
    Wrapped around with wonder,
Where the silver waterfall
        Springs from Paradise,
Your soul it is a mountain peak
    Lost above the thunder,
Is your heart a sacred swan
        Singing as it dies?
I would have wound you in a maze
    With strands you could not sever,
I knew you were a dreamer
        That sought a misted goal,
I would have thwarted destiny
    To keep you mine forever,
I who am but a woman
        And do not own a soul.
Across the sands the far hills lie
    All bronze in sunset's splendor
That won you with their luring
        In purple, gold and gray
In all their hidden crannies
    Springs there no myrtle tender
From out the days that held us
        Within the magic sway.
Your soul, it is a shimmering height
    Transfigured in the twilight,
I saw it through a rift of cloud
        A shaft of purple rise,
Is your heart a silent tomb
    With no white ghost at midnight!
Is your heart a lonely plain
        Where no echo lies ?

__Elizabeth N. Barr.


The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Pages 14-15

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