Poetry of Kansas

At The Heart.

We are such foolish women at the
I saw one pull the petals from a
And smiling like a baby in its
She named the petals, dropping
      each apart.
Some of us are priestesses and
  And some of us have followed
      primrose ways,
Some bear dead children that they
      can't forget,
  And some bear living sorrow all
      their days.
Some of us___gaunt Hagars___have
      gone forth,
  And founded empires in a desert
And after us, in days of flippant
  One has destroyed it with a
      dainty hand.
Not one, not one, escapes the fated
A gray-haired school-ma'am count-
      ing apple seeds
From queens of Sheba to the
      Nubian slaves,
All, all, are foolish women at the

__Elizabeth N. Barr.

The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Page 27-28

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