Poetry of Kansas

Come To Kansas.

There's a mighty bracin' air,
      Here in Kansas.
All you folks that's in the dumps
'Cause you've had a lot of bumps,
Jes' get up an' stir your stumps,___
      Come to Kansas.
We don't loll around and mope,
      Here in Kansas.
No, we don't! We git a move
On ourselves, which goes to prove
That we 'ye struck the git-there groove,
      Here in Kansas.
Things is movin' right along,
      Here in Kansas.
I know they badgered us a spell,
And some said they'd live in hell
Before they'd undertake to dwell
      Here in Kansas.
But them that stayed, they struck it rich,
      Here in Kansas.
You bet your life they'll never roam
Across the ocean's briny foam___
They 'ye got a Klondike right to home,
      Here in Kansas.
There's cattle on a thousan' hills,
      Here in Kansas.
A million hog-lots daily dine
Ten million fat and healthy swine
That pretty soon'll be under brine,
      Here in Kansas.
We've got the finest of the wheat,
      Here in Kansas.
An' corn-fields! you jes' otter see
How overlastin' big they be!
An' then I know that you'd agree
      To live in Kansas.
What's that you say? "The Pops run wild
      There in Kansas!"
Now don't be scared one little mite:
They bark a lot, but they don't bite;
Fact is, they'll soon be out of sight,
      Here in Kansas.
Agin, to all good folks I say,
      Come to Kansas.
We've got good fodder, salt an' swill
We've got more lan' than we can till
We'll welcome you___you bet we will!
      Come to Kansas.


__Frederick J. Atwood.

Kansas Rhymes and Other Lyrics
Frederick J. Atwood
(Topeka, Kan.: Crane & Company. 1902)
Pages 16-17

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