The Library WalkAround WorkSheet #7C

Are bookmarks that list the library's phone number and hours readily available? Are flyers colorful and appealing? Do flyers and bookmarks look professional? Is the typing neat? Is the print clear? How are the flyers and bookmarks displayed? Are there too many items on the display table?
How are the volunteers and staff dressed? Are they friendly? Do they greet people by name? Are they obviously willing to help? Do they just point out the card catalog or do they actually help the customer find appropriate material? Are you satisfied that the person at the circulation desk presents the image and impression by which you want the library to be judged? Is the librarian readily available, or is she or he too busy cataloging, mending books, etc.? Is this a "shhh" library? Do personnel listen carefully to requests? How are people with fines and lost books treated? How does the staff react to children who pull several picture books off the shelf? What if the children are noisy? Do school children receive the same quality of service as adults? Is the person answering the telephone courteous and helpful? Does the staff think it is more important to empty the book cart or to file cards than to help someone? Does the staff smile at customers?
If you have been candid, there will be many areas of the library that can stand improvement. Do not be dismayed. Before any problem can be solved, it first needs to be recognized. As the image changes, the library will find that it attracts new users and more volunteers and that staff morale will improve. Over a period of time, even the powers that be will recognize the new role of the library; thus funding problems can be dealt with in a much more positive manner.
(Fox 1988, 70-73)

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