The Library WalkAround WorkSheet #7B

Is it clean? Is there decrepit furniture? Displays left from Halloween? Is there a large glass case that is empty or that contains "rare" books? Does the entry area effectively orient the user to the library?
As you stand in the entry area, what directional signs do you see? (Sometimes signs are unnecessary and only add clutter.) If you were a new user, what directional signs would you need? Are the signs appropriate? Is the lettering legible and readable? Are confusing terms used? Are the signs crisp and new? Are they accurate? (Are the 600s really where the sign indicates?) Is the size of lettering consistent from sign to sign?
Does the shelving look well-maintained? If painted, is it chipped? Are there fingerprints? Do the shelves sag? (Nothing is as dispiriting as sagging shelves.) Do the books sit at the edge of the shelf? Do the books lean? What part of the collection is on the second, third, and fourth shelves? How much of the collection is on other shelves? Are the books so crowded that it is difficult to extract one? Is the collection regularly weeded? Really? Do books on the shelves need to be mended? How are the books processed? Do most books have plastic or paper jackets? Are the labels at the same level or do they wander up and down? Are the labels handwritten or typed? Are the identification stamps neat and straight? What do the paperbacks look like? Have the romance books taken over a disproportionate amount of the library? Do you treat the paperbacks like stepchildren? (Many people prefer paperbacks to hardbacks) Are the racks attractive? Are books yellowed with curling corners? Should some be discarded?
How do the display and bulletin boards look? Are the notices on the bulletin board timely? Attractive? How often is the bulletin board updated? Weekly? Monthly? Annually? Are displays filled with books? Are there gaps? Do people actually take books from the display? How often are displays restocked? Where are the displays located? Are the "prime" locations used effectively?

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