The Library WalkAround WorkSheet 7A

In her book, The Dynamic Community Library, Beth Wheeler Fox offers the following checklist to consider while thinking about how the library is seen by its customers and potential customers. Factors as diverse as the physical building, the appearance of the collection, the signage, and the staff's attitude affect the image of the library, how the public feels about the library and its staff. Take time to respond to the following checklist. Do not just mentally answer the questions; walk through the library as you make your response. Perhaps a board member or volunteer can also complete the checklist. Perhaps each member of the board could complete this checklist, comparing their results at an "image" board meeting.
Is it attractive? Appealing? Are there windows that allow people to see inside? Are the windows clean? Are drapes drooping? If there are exterior displays, how do they look? How frequently are they changed? Are there plants for landscaping? Are they trimmed or at least living? Do the grounds look well-maintained? Is the exterior library sign in good condition? What do the mailbox, the book drop, and the flag poles look like? These are features that everyone in the community sees even if they never use the library. Such factors will form the basis for many people's perceptions of the library.
What is the overall "look" of the library? Does it look organized? Clean? Are there directional signs, posters, flyers, tax forms, books of sale, donation jars, coupon and pattern exchanges? Is it too cluttered? Are you satisfied with the color scheme? What do the walls look like? Do they need to be repainted? Is the carpeting or flooring attractive? Would a professional cleaning help? (Would a local business donate cleaning?) Is there enough lighting? Can more lighting be added? Is it possible to increase the number or size of the windows? Is the furniture attractive? Is the couch losing its insides? How deep is the dust? Does the wood furniture need to be oiled? Can rearrangement of stacks and seating areas give the library a friendlier, more open look?

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