Identifying Groups

WorkSheet #5

by Roger Greer and Martha Hale

Getting a General Picture

Use a walk-around, yellow pages, newspapers, directories, or people to discover 
how many of each of these types of organizations are in your community.

A.	Economic
	Service clubs
		Chamber of Commerce
		Vocational groups
			Retail merchant association
			Farmers association
			Board of banks, corporations
			Professional associations
		Industrial development organizations

B. Government

		Political party organizations
		Good government leagues
		Patriotic and veterans associations
		Taxpayers associations


		Neighborhood planning associations
		Community planning associations
		Community councils
		Environmental groups


		Real estate associations
		Housing associations
		Property owners associations

E. Education

		Better school groups
		Parent-teacher organizations
		Adult education groups
		Teacher organizations
		Private schools

F. Fraternal

		Ethnic group fraternal associations
		Funeral associations
		Fraternities, sororities, lodges, societies

G. Recreation

		Athletic teams and clubs
		Hobby clubs
		Outdoor clubs
		Social enjoyment groups
		Golden age clubs
		Company recreation programs
		Skating rinks
		Swimming facilities
		Spectator sports
H. Religious
		Churches and synagogues
		Groups associated with churches
			Primarily religious (Bible study groups, worship groups)
			Other (clubs, teams, social groups)
		Ministerial associations
		Knights of Columbus and similar groups
		Council of Churches
		Federation of church women or men

I. Cultural

		Choral groups
		Study and forum groups
		Art societies
		Dramatic groups
		Literary societies
		Women's clubs

J. Welfare

		Charitable organizations
		Boards of social agencies
		Welfare or humane associations
		Legal aid

K. For Children and Youth

		Child welfare organizations
		Big Brother movement
		Police athletic league
		Youth organizations

L. Health

		General community health groups
		Groups on specific diseases
		Safety council
		Planned Parenthood, Right of Life
		Medical societies and professional groups
		La Leche League
		Hospital auxiliaries

M. Community organizations

		Coordinating committees
		Federation of clubs
		Other intergroup agencies and groups

Based on material from Study Your Community by Roland L. Warren. Free Press, 
1965, especially Chapter 16.

	(Greer and Hale 1981, Appendix B 31-32)

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