The Role Setting Activity WorkSheet #3A

We want to know what YOU think about the library's current services and programs--and what you think the library should be doing in the future. This exercise is designed to help you tell us that. 1. Read the descriptions of each role again. Do this on your own without talking to others. 2. As you read the descriptions, think about your library. Which ones really paint a picture of the library as it is right now? 3. Using the Role Selection WorkSheet, divide 100 points among the roles to show the library as you see it now. Put your score in Column #1, "Current Activities." 4. After you finish this first part, we will combine your points and talk about your views about the library's current services and programs. Do not start working on Column #2 yet. 5. After the first discussion, ask yourself these questions about each role: - Do many people in my community have a need for the services offered by this role? - Are there other organizations or groups in the community that already fill these needs? - Does the library have the staff, money, space, and time to fill this role? 6. Now, tell us which roles best describe what you would like the library to do five years from now. After you have reviewed the potential roles for the future and asked yourself the three questions, complete Column #2, "Future Vision" on the Role Selection WorkSheet.
7. After you finish, we will combine the points and discuss your ideas about the library's future. IN SUMMARY: - Read the role descriptions without talking to other group members. - Divide 100 points in Column #1 to show the roles you think that the library now emphasizes. - Combine points and compare choices. - Think about what you would like the library to be in the future. - Divide 100 points in Column #2 to describe what you would like the library to look like in the future. Do NOT assign fewer than 20 points to any one role. - Combine points and talk about the library's future.

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