Possible Source
Potential Use
Community population:
% under 5 years of age
% 5-17 years of age
% over 65 years of age
City and County Data Book or State Planning Office
Check projected student population
Check current student population
Has senior population grown in the last 5 years?
Total Registered Borrowers
Library records
Get current + 5 years ago
Any changes
% of community aware of various library services:
Basic circulation services
Children's story hours
A/V services
Kiosk displays in mall
Reference services
Interlibrary loan services
Meeting rooms
Is the library well known?
Do we need to publicize some services better?
Turnover rate: our library
Turnover rate: other libraries
Library records
State Library
How active is the collection?
Comparisons with similar size libraries in state
Library Circulation
Library records
Who accounts for what part of our circulation?
% of students (K-12) who have visited the library:
within the last month
within the last year
Survey (Get data at the building level)
Which schools account for most of our student use? How could we target a library/faculty relations program?
... and so forth
Subject and Author Fill Rate
Output Measures for Public Libraries, 2nd ed./Survey
How well are we doing?
Ratio of additions to total library holdings
Library records
Help in diagnosing the currency of the collection

Note: Prepared from the point of view of a library emphasizing circulation of popular materials and services to K-12 students. (McClure 1987, 21)

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