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Chapter 10 Resources


This section provides information on the variety of resources that were major sources of information for the development of the CAMEO Handbook, information about how to contact various organizations that can serve as resources for local planners, and bibliographies of additional resources that can be helpful to a library planner conducting a community analysis.

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Sources of information for community analysis (verified August, 1995)

National public sector sources

National Center for Education Statistics

Library Statistics Unit
555 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20208 5652
Voice: 202.219.1371 Fax: 202.219.1679

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Office of Economic Analysis & Information
911 Walnut St.
Kansas City, MO 64106
Voice: 816.426.2481 Fax: 816.426.6537

U.S. Bureau of the Census

Customer Services
Washington, DC 20233
Voice: 301.457.4100

Virginia public sector sources

Virginia State Data Center

Virginia Employment Commission
703 E. Main Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Voice: 804.786.8624 or 8026; Fax: 804.371.0412

Virginia Common Core of Data (CCD) Coordinator

Management Information Systems
Virginia Department of Education
PO Box 2120
Richmond, VA 23216
Voice: 804.225.2099 Fax: 804.371.8978

Virginia Coordinator for Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

Research & Information Systems
Council on Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV)
James Monroe Building.
101 N. 14th Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Voice: 804.225.2640; Fax 804.225.2604

Center for Public Service

University of Virginia
918 Emmet Street North, Suite 300
Charlottesville, VA 22903 4832
Voice: 804.982.5522; Fax 804.982.5524

Commission on Local Government

Eighth Street Office Building
805 East Broad Street, Room 702
Richmond, VA 23219
Voice: 804.786.6508; Fax 804.371.7999

Virginia Department of Economic Development

PO Box 798
Richmond, VA 23206-0798
Voice: 804.371.8263; Fax 804.371.8185

The Library of Virginia

800 East Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219-1905
Voice: 804.692.3500

Private sector sources

ACCRA, formerly American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association

PO Box 6749
Louisville, KY 40206 6749
Voice: 502-897-2890

Arbitron Company

9705 Patuxent Woods Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Voice: 410.312.8000; Fax: 410.312.8604

Claritas/NPDC, Inc.

1525 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209
Voice: 703.812.2700; Fax: 703.812.2701

Donnelley Marketing Information Services

PO Box 1025
Stamford, CT 06904 2250
Voice: 203.292.5000

A. C. Nielsen Company

150 N. Martingale Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173
Voice: 708.605.5000

The Polk Company, formerly National Demographics & Life Styles

1621 18th Street, Suite 300
Denver, CO 80202
Voice: 303.292 5000; Fax 303.298.5403

Quality Education Data

1600 Broadway, 12th Floor
Denver, CO 80202 4912
Voice: 800.525.5811 Fax: 303.860.0238

National indexes

Monthly Consumer Price Index. Washington: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Quarterly Cost of Living Index. Washington: American Chamber of Commerce Researchers Association.

Wages, Amenities, and Cost of Living: Theory and Measurement of Geographic Differentials, 1990 Data. 1992. Washington: Research Associates of Washington.

Library related information sources

Public library statistics

Federal-State Cooperative System (FSCS) for Public Library Data. Annually, statistics for public libraries are published by the U.S. Department of Education and are sold by the Government Printing Office. Until 1990, the uniform title was Public Libraries in the U.S. and thereafter, Public Libraries in the United States.

Annually, the Public Library Association publishes Public Library Data Service Statistical Report. Contact the ALA Order Department 1-800-545-2433, press 7.

Since 1990, the report has included special reports on the following topics:
1990 Literacy, Economic Development, and Local Government Services
1991 Children's Services
1992 Technology
1993 Finance
1994 Children's Services
1995 Technology in Public Libraries

Annually, the Library Development and Networking Division of the Library of Virginia collects statistics from Virginia's public libraries and publishes them. Virginia Public Library Statistics 1994-1995 was published in February 1997. Contact the division at 804.692.3993.

Public opinion polls

Gallup Organization, Inc. frequently polls on attitudes toward public libraries and the library press carries reports of that polling. Recent ones include:

D'Elia, George.; Rodger, Eleanor Jo. 1995 "The roles of the public library in the community; the results of a Gallup poll of community opinion leaders." Public Libraries 34 (March/April): 94-101.

D'Elia, George.; Rodger, Eleanor Jo. 1994 "Public opinion about the roles of the public library in the community: the results of a recent Gallup poll." Public Libraries 33 (January/February): 23-28.

1993. "Americans say public libraries play vital role in education: findings of a 1992 Gallup poll." School Library Journal 39 (July): 13.

1992 "Gallup polls affirm the importance of the public library: preliminary results of two Gallup polls. Public Libraries 31 (November/December): 335.

Childers, Thomas, and Nancy Van House. 1989. The Public Library Effectiveness Study: Final Report. Philadelphia: Drexel University.

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National Center for Education Statistics. 1992 National Household Education Survey. Washington: U.S. Government Printing Office.

Children's services

Immroth, Barbara. 1990 "How is the next generation of library users being raised? The first national survey on services and resources for children in public libraries." Public Libraries, November/ December: 339.

Garland, Kathleen. 1992 "Children's services statistics: A study of state agency and individual library activity." Public Libraries, November/December: 351 55.

Walter, Virginia A. 1992 Output Measures for Public Library Services to Children: A Manual of Standardized Procedures. Chicago: American Library Association.

Zweizig, Douglas L. 1993 The children's services story Public Libraries, January/ February: 26 28.

Mathews, Virginia, editor. 1994 Library Services for Children and Youth: Dollars and Sense. Chicago: Neal Schulman.


Annually, Richard B. Hall of the California State Library writes an article in the June 15th issue of Library Journal on referenda for both capital and operating expenditures.

Library staffing and salaries

Administrative Compensation Survey. Washington: College and University Personnel Association.

ALA Survey of Librarian Salaries. Chicago: American Library Association.

ARL Annual Salary Survey. Washington: Association of Research Libraries.

"Salaries of library directors: data from the Municipal Data Book" Public Libraries, July issue.

MLA Salary Survey. Chicago: Medical Library Association.

National Survey of Salaries and Wages in Public Schools. Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service.

Occupational Outlook Handbook. Washington: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Available from U.S. Government Printing Office.

SLA Biennial Salary Survey Report. Washington: Special Libraries Association

Library buildings

Annually, the December issue of Library Journal contains a recap of building activity for the year.

Sannwald, William W., editor. 1991. Checklist of Library Building Design Considerations, second edition edited and revised. Chicago: Library Administration and Management Association.

Automated systems

The April issues of Library Journal contain a marketplace review of automated systems for libraries. A complete listing of vendors with contact information is provided.

Information Today: The Newspaper for Users and Producers of Electronic Information Services, a monthly publication, includes a section, Library Systems Today. It provides information on new releases and enhancements of automated systems.

The spring issue of Library Systems Newsletter contains reviews of automated systems by Richard Boss, an automation consultant.

Annually, the Directory of Library Automation Software, Systems and Services is available from Information Today, Inc. 609-654-6266.

Cibbarelli's Surveys: User Ratings of Library Software cover automated systems running onvarious computer platforms. Until the July/August, 1995 issue, the surveys appeared in Information Today; on that date, they moved to Computers In Libraries.

Indexes of library prices and expenditures

American Library Index of Circulation and Expenditures (ALICE) Library Research Center, Annual

Hamilton, Lynn A. 1993 "Public library circ levels off, while spending tops inflation." American Libraries (September): 713.

Bowker Annual. Annual. New York: R. R. Bowker Co.

Inflation Measures for Schools and Colleges. Annual. Washington: Research Associates of Washington.

Alexander, Adrian W., and Katherine Hammell Carpenter. 1993. "Periodicals price index for 1993." American Libraries (May): 390 438.

Grannis, Chandler B. 1993 "Moving on up? titles show second consecutive gain; prices modestly up." [book price index] Publisher's Weekly (March 1): S32-S35.

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