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2013, Valley Voices
9th Annual Writing Contest Guidelines

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2013 Valley Voices
Writing Contest

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Submission Form

November 1, 2013



Sheridan County
Cottonwood Ranch
Graham County
Hill City
Rooks County
Webster State Park
Osborne County
Mitchell County
Cawker City
Glen Elder
Glen Elder State Park
Solomon Rapids
Cloud County



Send ALL Submissions to:

Call for Valley Voices

SV 24 Heritage Alliance

P.O. Box 572

Glasco, Kansas  67445

Download Contest Submission Form (PDF)

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Our 2014 Contest is NOT YET OPEN.



  • Awards will be announced in January 2014 at the Solomon Valley Hwy 24 Heritage Alliance Annual Membership Meeting.

  • Selected work will be published in the Solomon Valley Anthology during 2014.

  • Winning entries will be published on this web site.


  • Poetry—Limit of 3 poems per person. Preferably. poems should have a left margin, not center.

  • Fiction—Limit of 2 per person, each limited to 10 pages or fewer, double spaced.

  • Non-Fiction*Essay—Limit of 2 per person, each 10 pages, or fewer, double spaced.

  • Non-Fiction**Autobiography—Limit of 2, each 10 pages, or fewer, double spaced.
    See additional instructions following

  • Do not use type smaller than this: 12 pt -- Times New Roman or equivalent.

  • Please number all pages of each submission; include the title of the entry at the top of each page.


Additional Instructions for Call for Voices participants:


Please submit all entries printed on 8½ x 11 paper (hand-written entries not accepted) AND on computer disk in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format document. Fiction, essays, and autobiographies must be double-spaced. Be sure to include page number and title of entry on each page. Remember: do not write your name on the manuscript.


Essay and Autobiography, non-fiction category is divided into *two classes:

A. The *essay category is for a composition about a particular theme or subject other than a family and personal experience, but which may include personal points of view as well as analysis and interpretation. The focus of the essay is a topic other than yourself, although you may be involved in the story. An essay may be written in third-person form. An example might be “The Effects on Small Towns of the Loss of Rail Service” or “Closing the School” or “Losing a Hospital.”

B. The *autobiography category is for those personal and family experiences in which the focus is on you. It is a first-person story, something you share about your relationships, influences, feelings. An example might be “How Grandma Taught Me to Drive a Truck” or “The Best Teacher I Ever Had Never Went to School.”


Please download and attach the required form to EACH piece submitted.
Do NOT write name on manuscript.

Download Contest Submission Form (PDF)






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