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Sheridan County
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Webster State Park
Osborne County
Mitchell County
Cawker City
Glen Elder
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Solomon Rapids
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Taking a Drive…

Sunday afternoon drives–remember them? They were an excuse for the family to be together. Without going too far, think of “Going West” on 24. “Venturing East” on 24. Our neighbors in the Solomon Valley offer close to home destinations.

The Highway 24 research project revealed that encouraging tourists was a goal from the beginning– over 90 years ago. Cars were new, good roads were new, and visiting was encouraged. Simple pleasures. Their time may have come again.

Rediscover your heritage -- Rediscover Kansas!




Hoxie  Dining Icon Lodging Icon Fuel Icon Airport Icon Hospital Icon Golf Icon Historical Images

  • County seat of Sheridan County - 1917 Courthouse

  • WPA Football Stadium

  • Mickey's Museum


  • Unusual grain elevator

  • An old lumber yard & depot used for storage


  • Cottonwood Ranch - State & National Historical Site (NHR)

  • 1910 Historic Studley Church

  • filling station

Morland  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Historical Images

  • Citizens State Bank building - with a great relief of a woman studying fossils on the front of the bank.
    Inside the bank you can also enjoy the Floyd Riggs Memorial Comic Book Collection composed of 164 Golden Era Western and Adventure comics of the photographic and painted cover type.

  • Prairie Junction, an old drugstore now used as a meeting place.  It's filled with interesting memorabilia.

  • 1920's Dry Goods

  • Grocery store - serves made-to-order deli sandwiches

  • Antelope Lake - a WPA project

  • Metal trestle pony bridge in City Park

    Seven 2Bar Adventures - 785.627.5500, Email:

    Hunting, fishing, riding, sight seeing


  • Old white fram Methodist Church

  • Brick schoolhouse (now a junk store)

Hill City  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Airport Icon Hospital Icon Golf Icon Historical Images

  • County seat of Graham County

  • Oil Museum

  • Many Post Rock Homes (no tours)

  • A 1930's City Park built as a WPA project

  • Davis Charolais - 785.421.5478, Mobile: 785.421.8780, Email:

    Guest ranch house, overnight livestock stopover, private hunting, Charolais & Braunvieh cattle

Bogue Dining Icon

  • Wildhorse Township Hall was a WPA work project, as was the water tower.

Nicodemus   Historical Marker Icon Historical Images

  • Black "Exoduster" site & National Historic Site (NHR)

  • Wagon tours

  • Nicodemus Historical Society Museum

  • 1939 Township Hall - WPA project

  • Nicodemus Flour Co-op   (877) 271-2411, Email:

  • PO Box 187, Nicodemus KS 67625
    Flour & pancake mix available by mail order and at Ernestine's Bar-B-Q in Bogue.

Damar  Dining Icon Fuel Icon

Webster State Park & Lake

  • Fishing, hunting, swimming, camping, boating

Stockton  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Airport Icon Golf Icon Historical Images

  • County seat of Rooks County

  • Downtown historic Nova Theatre - tours by appointment

  • The Waller-Coolbaugh early 20th Century House - 421 N. Walnut (tours in Summer, Sat&Sun)

  • Rooks County Historical Museum

Woodston   Historical Images

  • Historic Bank Building

  • Rural Ash Rock Church

  • Once home to the historic Thomas Barn

  • Woodston Camp, Assembly of God 

Alton   Historical Images

  • Birthplace of candymaker Russell Stover - 14 miles S of town

  • Hartzler's old fashion hardware store---still open

  • The Alton Bluffs

  • Historic 1886 IOOF Hall--downtown (NHR)


  • 1878 One-room stone schoolhouse--mid town

  • Tilden-Bloomington Historical Marker--downtown

  • Last Indian Raid Marker--one mile E of town on Hwy 24

Historical Marker Icon Last Indian Fight in Osborne County

Osborne  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Airport Icon Hospital Icon Golf Icon istorical Images

  • County seat of Osborne County

  • The Osborne County Courthouse is magnificent (NHR)

  • The Carnegie Research Library - 307 W. Main (NHR)

  • Osborne County Historical Museum - 929 N. 2nd; Easter to Thanksgiving;
    2-4pm Mon-Thur; by appointment 785-346-2798

  • WPA Scout cabin

  • Geodetic Center State Historical Marker--Jct. Hwy 24 & 281

  • Pennsylvania Stockade Site Historical Marker--1 mile E of town

  • Arlington Townsite Historical Marker--3 miles W of town

Portis      Historical Images

  • Porky Pig Marker--statue in honor of Mil Millar, original illustrator of Porky Pig, in City Park beside Hwy 281

Downs  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Golf Icon  Historical Images

  • Home of the Kansas Storytelling Festival

  • The Downs Depot is being restored. It's a fine old brick Missouri Pacific station on the National Register of Historic Places.

  • Historical Marker Icon The Ise family & "Sod and Stubble"

  • Historic Ise Family homestead and schoolhouse

  • Downs Carnegie Library - downtown (NHR)

 Cawker City  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Airport Icon Golf Icon

  • World Famous Ball of Twine

  • Wisconsin Street National Historic District (NHR)

  • United Methodist Church

  • Hesperian Library

Historical Marker Icon Waconda Springs


Glen Elder         Historical Images
(see for many additional images)

  • Statue of Liberty in downtown square

  • The Castle Service Station - downtown (NHR)



Glen Elder Dam/Waconda Lake -
Waconda Lake Association

  • Waconda Heritage Village - Hopewell Church

  • Waconda Springs Replica - Just south of Park office

Glen Elder State Park 

Solomon Rapids [216]  

Beloit  Fuel Icon Dining Icon Lodging Icon Airport Icon Hospital Icon Golf Icon  Historical Images

  • County seat of Mitchell County

  • Butterfield Buffalo Ranch--vehicle viewing only
    (4 miles W of Hwy 24 & 14 Jct. - 2 miles N and 1/4 W)

  • Mitchell County Museum - 402 W 8th

  • Little Red Schoolhouse - Hwy 24 (NHR)

  • St. John's Catholic Church - 701 E Court (NHR)

  • General Store Antiques & Museum

  • Mitchell County Courthouse - Main & Hersey (NHR)

  • Trojan Stadium - WPA work project

  • Swimming Pool-WPA work project

  • 2 historical homes & victorian homes (no tours)



Asherville [229-230]

  • Grain elevator

  • Rock schoolhouse on old highway 24 between Asherville & Beloit


Simpson  Dining Icon      Historical Images

  • Historical bank building


Glasco    Dining Icon Golf Icon  Historical Images

  • Cloud County Stained Glass Capital - tours

  • Glasco Historical Museum

  • Hodge-Podge - Historic Soda Fountain - open M-F 9-5; Sat 9-4

  • Old bridge near Glasco (NHR)

  • Glasco's Historic Downtown District (NHR)



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