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Territorial Kansas Online "Explore the turbulent times of Bleeding Kansas. Hundreds of personal letters, diaries, photos, and maps bring to life the settling of Kansas during the fierce debate over slavery."

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans by William E. Connelley, 1918

KANSAS: A Cyclopedia of State History, Embracing Events, Institutions, Industries, Counties, Cities, Towns, Prominent Persons, Etc.; Edited by Frank W. Blackmar; Standard Publishing Co., Chicago; 1912

KANSAS The Prelude To The War For The Union, By Leverett Wilson Spring (1906)

History of the State of Kansas by William G. Cutler, first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL

SHAWNEE COUNTY of Cutler's History of the State of Kansas, 1883

GEARY AND KANSAS-Governor Geary's Administration in Kansas: With a Complete History of the Territory Until July 1857

Pioneer Days In Kansas by Richard Cordley, D. D. - The Reverend Richard Cordley was an early settler in Lawrence, Kansas, choosing to come to this "Western Bastion of Freedom" at a time when the guerilla war sometimes known as "Bleeding Kansas" was at its height. "Pioneer Days in Kansas" deals with the events of 1856-1865, and is one of the outstanding sources for that period.

KANSAS The Prelude To The War For The Union (1885), by Leverett Wilson Spring

Kansas History Online

The Kansas Collection "The voices of the past are heard again in KanColl through nearly-lost books, letters, diaries, photographs, and other materials."

Bleeding Kansas Gallery - A collection of documents including diaries, memoirs, letters, autobiographies, etc... and includes a portrait gallery. Topics covered include prelude to the Civil War, abolitionists, the Lawrence Massacre, pioneer life in Territorial Kansas.

Samuel James Reader's Diary

History Now--American History Online

History Now--Issue 5, this issue examines abolitionist movement in the United States

Historic Lecompton

KANSAS: ITS INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR LIFE. Including A full View of its Settlement, Political History, Social Life, Climate, Soil, Productions, Scenery, ETC.; By Sara T. L. Robinson; published 1856

Kansas Bogus Legislature

"Six Months In Kansas - By A Lady," Hannah Anderson Ropes, 1856

Kansas History Web Sites - A website produced by the Kansas Heritage Group which is dedicated to digitally preserving Kansas' past.

Kansas Historical Quarterly (1931-1977) A wonderful collection of studies, articles and reminiscenses.

Lewis Bodwell, Frontier Preacher: The Early Years, Part 1, by Russell K. Hickman

Lewis Bodwell, Frontier Preacher: The Early Years (Conclusion), by Russell K. Hickman

Topeka In Postcard

The Library of Congress: The Learning Page - "This resource was developed to help teachers and students use the vast online collections of the Library of Congress. The links will lead you to sets of selected primary sources on a variety of topics in United States History. The sets are arranged by chronological period."

The Online Books Page is a website that facilitates access to books that are freely readable over the Internet. It also aims to encourage the development of such online books, for the benefit and edification of all.

History of the Sage Family - Early Kansas pioneers and abolitionists

"North American Slave Narratives" collects books and articles that document the individual and collective story of African Americans struggling for freedom and human rights in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries. This collection includes all the existing autobiographical narratives of fugitive and former slaves published as broadsides, pamphlets, or books in English up to 1920. Also included are many of the biographies of fugitives and former slaves and some significant fictionalized slave narratives published in English before 1920

Slavery In America - An Educator's Site Made Possible By New York Life

Letters of Edward and Sarah Fitch - Kansas History (Spring & Summer 1997)"From Border War to Civil War" edited by John M. Peterson

Part I covers the first two years of Edward Fitch's experience in Kansas Territory

Part II picks up with Fitch's letter of May 23, 1857, after his marriage to Sarah Wilmarth, and ends with his letter of July 16, 1863. Edward Fitchi was killed during Quantrill's raid on Lawrence just over a month later, and Sarah's heart wrenching letter to her in-laws immediately thereafter can be found at the end of the Kansas History 1989 publication available at the Kansas State Historical Society gift shop


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