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Shawnee County Historical Society Education Initiative

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Tours of the Ritchie House are available. Contact Robin Shrimplin (robin.shrimplin@hotmail.com) for more information or to make an appointment.

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TEACHERS!!! NOW AVAILABLE OUR NEW TRAVELING TRUNK "TERRITORIAL/CIVIL WAR KANSAS. It contains primary/secondary resources, maps, reading cards, activities, lesson plans, games, DVD's and more. The trunk will be available for teachers to "check-out" for a 4-week period to use in their classroom.

Educator Melinda Abitz has created a wonderful new lesson plan!!
"THE KILLING OF LEONARD ARMS: The Trial of John Ritchie Upon The Shooting And Death of Deputy U.S. Marshal Leonard Arms."


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This site contains resources, lesson plans, and activities to help teachers and students teach and learn about Kansas and American history. The links below provide educators with primary and secondary resource. The Shawnee County Historical Society Education Initiative will continue to add to this website on a regular basis. Please visit often.

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OPEN HOUSE - NOVEMBER 2008 Information and Pictures!

"ON THE PATH TO FREEDOM" event - July 2008 - Event Wrap-Up (Infomation & Pictures)


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