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7th Grade Kansas History Standard
Benchmark 5

History Standard:  The student uses a working knowledge and understanding of significant individuals, groups, ideas, events, eras, and developments in the history of Kansas, the United States, and the world, utilizing essential analytical and research skills.

BENCHMARK  5:  The student understands individuals, groups, ideas, events, and developments in Kansas during the Great Depression and World War II. (1930s-1940s)

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1. *(A) The student compares agricultural practices before and after the dust storms of the 1930s (e.g., rotation of crops, shelter belts, irrigation, terracing, stubble mulch).      

2. (A) The student uses local resources to describe conditions in his/her community during the Great Depression.

3. (A) The student researches the contributions of Kansans during the 1930s & 1940s (e.g., Amelia Earhart, Osa and Martin Johnson, Glenn Cunningham, Walter Chrysler, Langston Hughes, John Steuart Curry, Dwight Eisenhower, Alf Landon, Arthur Capper, Birger Sandzen).      
4. (K) The student summarizes the effects of New Deal programs on Kansas life.      

5. (K) The student explains how World War II acted as a catalyst for change in Kansas (e.g. women entering work force, increased mobility, changing manufacturing practices).

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