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October 3, 2010: Hale Ritchie House Bare Bones Tour
—Select a thumbnail to see the larger photo—

October Bare Bone Tour 1 October Bare Bone Tour 2 October Bare Bone Tour 3

October Bare Bone Tour 4

Weather was perfect for a tour of progress on finishing the Cox Communication Heritage Culture Center.
—Photos by Dave Heinemann

October Bare Bone Tour 5

August 26, 2010 Hale Ritchie House Bare Bones Tour
Select a thumbnail to see the larger photoHale Ritchie House bare bones tour Eaves detail siding begins interior ground floor front porch with people
— photos by Carol Yoho

April 2010 Historic Ritchie House Open Houses
Kids Story Time
— Apr. 10, 2010, 10 AM.
Historical Performance —— Apr. 10, 2010,1 PM, Anne Hawkins as Mary Jane Ritchie


Mary Jane Ritchie
(Anne Hawkins) showing the participants where the runaway slaves hid on their trip to freedom.

Mary Jane Ritchie explains the Underground Railroad to one of the children in attendance.
Thick wall inside the Ritchie House would stop bullets from reaching the residents.
This spot near a staircase was scene of the death of Deputy U.S. Marshal L. Arms at the hands of John Ritchie.
— photos by Laura Higbee
Historical Performance — Apr. 3, 2010, 10 AM-Noon
Spring Egg Hunt
& Games — Apr. 3, 2010, noon
TV video: "Historic Ritchie House holds Easter egg hunt and opens doors."
— by Lauren Seabrook, 49 News , Sat., April 3, 2010
Egg games 1 play 4 play 1 play 6 play 2 play 5 play 3 Ritchie House play 7 play 8 Egg games 2
play 12 play 9 play 10 play 11 — photos by Robin Shrimplin

November 2009 Historic Ritchie House Open Houses
1116 SE Madison – Topeka, Kansas
Events included:

November 7
11 AM – Black Colonies & Settlements in Kansas 1856-1896, given by Ustaine Talley
1 PM – Fun for elementary ages with Laura Autrey reading Almost To Freedom. Followed by a discussion about the Underground Railroad in Kansas

Ustain Talley presentation A, Nov. 2009Ustain Talley presentation BA, Nov. 2009Ustain Talley presentation C, Nov. 2009

November 14
11 AM – Black Colonies & Settlements in Kansas 1856-1896, given by Ustaine Talley
1 PM – Fun for elementary ages with Laura Autrey reading Almost To Freedom. Followed by a discussion about the Underground Railroad in Kansas

November 21
11 AM – The Underground Railroad in Kansas
A performance given by historian and educator Anne Hawkins, as Mary Jane Ritchie
1 PM – The Trial of John Ritchie Upon The Shooting and Death of US Deputy Marshal Leonard Arms (April 20, 1860)

November 28
Tour the house and learn about Kansas Territorial history

Kansas State University group tours Historic Ritchie House
K-State group tours Historic Ritchie House, 10-31-2009
Chanute High School History Club, Sept, 19,2009
Ritchie House Tour

Event photos by Carol Yoho

Rice Community Center tour, June 23, 2009
Ritchie House Tour  Event photos by Carol Yoho
Ritchie House with Rice Community Center students signing in exploring indoors
Robin reviews John Brown's ties with John RitchieEngaging students in discussion
Ritchie Cemetery Event photos by Carol Yoho
Ritchie Cemetery Strolling under cemetery trees Graves of fallen soldiers
Robin explains how freed slaves and low income blacks were given gravesites by the Ritchies Robin with book, Through My Eyes Around the marker for Granny Ransom Rice Community Center students at Ritchie Cemetery

Williams Magnet School visit, June 11, 2009
Chat about Almost to Freedom Kids doing exercises
more kids doing exercises
many kids on blanket doing research at indoor displays Robin reading
Robin chats with visitors doing indoor research
kids read display materials inside Ritchie House
Event photos by Melinda Abitz

Traveling Trunk:
“Territorial/Civil War KS.”

Download teachers' flyer
.New Traveling Trunk flyer

Open House was held every Saturday in April, 2009 @ Ritchie stone house, 1116 SE Madison

Tanner Carlson, Washburn University student Tanner reads his research Tanner explains his findings
Tanner with his displays materials on Kansas forts Tanner reads to Ritchie House visitors Visitors attend to Tanner Carlson's lecture on Kansas forts
Anne Hawkins as Mary Jane Ritchie Mary Jane Ritchie 2 Mary Jane Ritchie 3 Event photos
by Carol Yoho
Mary Jane Ritchie 4 Mary Jane Ritchie 5 Ritchie House artifacts 1
Ritchie House artifacts 2

The new "Territorial/Clivil War Kansas" Traveling Trunk was shared with educators. Almost To Freedom book was read to children visiting, using the dolls contributed by Beverly Radefeld. There were discussions about the Underground Railroad in Kansas and the participation of the Ritchie family and their contemporaries. Anne Hawkins reinacted history as Mary Jane Ritchie on two separate Saturdays. Melinda Abitz discussed "The Killing Leonard Arms: The Trail of John Ritchie Upon the Shooting and Death of Deputy U.S. Marshal Leonard Arms on April 18. On April 25 "Forts In Kansas" research was shared by SCHS/Washburn student intern Tanner Carlson.

History After School, spring semester 2009 schedule [a PDF file].
Robin Shrimplin with SCHS educational materialsEducational display with Robin Shrimplin, SCHS educational consultantRobin Shrimplin, SCHS Educational consultant, put together a display in the lobby of the Washburn University Student Union for History Day, a regional educational event for junior high and high school students, held Sat., February 28, 2009, 8 am to 1 pm at Washburn University in Topeka. Robin was available to answer student questions from 8-10:30 am, then helped get certificates ready for the winners and participants in the late morning. Winners of the Washburn event will give presentations and poster sessions at the annual statewide event later this spring. —3/1/2009, Event photos by Carol Yoho
Our thanks to KWU-Channel 11, Topeka, for their kind support of our Education Initiative. —2/25/2009

I wanted to share with you a little about today's tour--there were eight students (ranging from 4 years old to 11) and three moms. They spent almost an hour and a half learning the early history of Topeka and Kansas and also about the Underground Railroad. The little 4-year-old noticed the slave doll and the corresponding book and so we sat down on the floor in the front room and I read them the story Almost To Freedom by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson. They were excited about the education center and can't wait to "tour" it and are planning on coming back for the open house in April. I sent them off with Ritchie Reading cards as well as many brochures and information about the website—and of course, an application for membership with the Shawnee County Historical Society.  They took pictures of the inside and outside of the house as well as of their group there.  —Robin Shrimplin, Ed. Committee Chair —2/24/2009
The new Ritchie Reading Cards for 3-5 grade students are now available on our website.  —Robin Shrimplin, Ed. Committee Chair —2/4/2009
The Underground Railroad in Bleeding Kansas, a Kansas Day eventLast night, SCHS along with the Washburn History Department hosted a performance/ discussion by Anne Hawkins and Bruce MacTavish on the Underground Railroad.  Anne did her wonderful performance of Mary Jane Ritchie to a standing room audience of about 75. There were high school students, Washburn students, and other members of the broader Topeka community present.  I want to thank Anne and Bruce for their talents, and Robin Shrimplin for her efforts, as always.
—Kim Morse
, Ed. Committee Chair —1/30/2009

Bill Wagnon reports: Robin and I had a very enjoyable hour with Deb Goodrich this morning broadcast on 1440 Radio. we promoted BP and talked a lot about the education initiative and why it was important. —1/27/2009
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