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Annual Meeting at the Great Overland Station
The annual meeting on December 5, 2004 was a rousing success. The Great Overland Station was the center of activity for Topeka’s 150th Birthday Party, in addition The Great Overland Station, Topekato our annual meeting. We had a great turnout, good food, good beverages, and good company. Thanks to Tuck Duncan for all his efforts! The officers for 2005 were elected, as were Board Members. Thanks to Walt Hillmer for the door prizes for the annual meeting. After the meeting, many members stayed around to enjoy the other activities at the Station, and the fantastic fireworks display over the river. The cloudy, misty night gave a surreal appearance to the fireworks display. The evening was a lot of fun as both the Society and citizens celebrated our Sesquicentennial.

Call for Articles
   Would you like to write a short historical article about Shawnee County for the newsletter? Give it a try. Send us a 2-3 page manuscript, and we will start including them in the newsletter. Possible topics:

President's Report, by Doug Jones
   I am excited to be the President of the Society this year. We will be involved in a lot of activities this year. This is my first newsletter, so take it with a grain of salt. I would welcome any assistance with future newsletters.

Here are some of the things we will be involved in this coming year:

Supporting other Historic Restoration and Preservation Projects:

And others - please bring other worthwhile projects to our attention.

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Prairie Palace: The Great Overland Station

Now available
FREE to 2004 members
and for sale in the Shawnee County area:
the 81st Bulletin
of the Shawnee County Historical Society,
Prairie Palace:
The Great Overland Station

The 2004 Bulletin is out and it is wonderful!
Thanks to Doug Wallace for his fantastic work on the 2004 Bulletin - Prairie Palace, The Great Overland Station. What a tremendous job. Thank Doug for all his efforts when you see him. Putting out a Bulletin of this quality takes a phenomenal amount of work.

Other Publications available from the Society:
Check the Bulletins List for issues that are still available - they make great Birthday presents, etc.

2005 Shawnee County Historical Calendar
January-December 2005


 January 18

Ross Row House

Executive Committee

 February 15 Ross Row House Executive Committee

 March 15

Hicks Block Apartment
& 821 Western
Trustee Meeting
 April 19 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 May 17 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 June 21 Constitution Hall Trustee Meeting
 July 19 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 August 16 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 September 20 To Be Announced Trustee Meeting
 October 18 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 November 15 Ross Row House Executive Committee
 December 4 Monroe School Annual Meeting
 All SCHS meetings begin at 4 pm
 Guests & visitors are always welcome!!

For Your Information...
We want your input for the upcoming year, and we want your participation.

Committees — After the merger of Historic Topeka, Inc. and the Shawnee County Historical Society there was a period of regrouping and restructuring. We now have a new Committee Structure and are in the process of identifying Committee Chairs and Members. This is an opportunity for all members to get involved in projects related to their interests. Please review the list of Committees mentioned on page 5, and we hope you will volunteer for one of your interest. Contact
Doug Jones to volunteer

2005 Executive Committee:

2005 Committee Chairs & Tasks:*

* The Committee Chairs are also members of the Executive Committee and are invited to the monthly Executive
Committee meeting.

1. Nominating Committee – Tuck Duncan
       a. Nominates next slate of officers and board members
2. Membership Committee – Dorothy Hill
       a. Maintain mailing list
       b. Dues collection
       c. Recruitment of new members
       d. Maintain membership roster
3. Publications Committee – Douglass Wallace
       a. Publish annual bulletin
       b. Inventory past bulletins
       c. Oversight of sales of all publications
       d. Propose book publications as fundraisers
       e. Develop local outlets for publication sales
4. Annual Meeting/Events Committee – Betty Paxson
       a. Schedule and plan annual meeting
       b. Schedule and plan other historic events/meetings
5. Preservation Committee – Doug Jones
       a. Research recipients of annual preservation awards in
            conjunction with Preservation Week
       b. Take an active role in restoration and preservation of historic
           landmarks in Shawnee County
       c. Liason with Landmark Commission
6. Ritchie Project Committee – Bill Wagnon
       a. Oversee restoration, preservation, new construction, and
           maintenance of the complex
       b. Develop educational initiatives
       c. Fundraising activities (Capital Campaign)
7. Ross Row House Committee – Doug Jones
       a. Oversee restoration, preservation, new construction, and
           maintenance of the complex
       b. Provide oversight for monthly expenses (in conjunction with the
8. Public Relations Committee – Ann Spiess
       a. Newsletter
       b. Media Contact
       c. Website
       d. Responding to historic inquires (Medal/artwork)
       e. Speakers Bureau

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February Ritchie House Campaign Newsletter

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"2nd Annual Topeka Fall Festival 1897"
Fall Festival, Topeka, 1897   Bill Thrasher metal-detects for civil war relics. At a plantation site in middle-Tennessee, he had determined the site was unoccupied after 1880—until he found a little souvenir pin. On the pin is inscribed “2nd Anl. TOPEKA FALL FESTIVAL 1897.”
   “I always try to research any of my finds so as to add to the historical record. I now suspect some of the slaves remained on this until the turn of the century. Possibly someone visited in Kansas or perhaps carried stock to show.”

Interesting tidbit from Carol Yoho, Topeka:
Topeka Second Annual Carnival   “Whitehead & Hoag Co., of Newark, N.J. was developing celluloid pinback technology just about the time of this Fall Festival. Their patents were July 17, 1894, April 14, 1896 and July 21, 1896.
   Topeka eventually went with "modern technology" and produced colorful celluloid pinbacks for festivals held at the turn of the
century. I figure the pin [right] is from the turn of the Twentieth Century. It would have never survived in the ground like the brass piece above."

Upcoming Events:

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