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2010 Annual Meeting
Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010
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Hale Ritchie House Tour
Dec. 5, following Annual Meeting
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Kansas Capitals/Topeka Capitols
Sunday, Oct.24, 2010
box [graphic] Hale Ritchie House Barebones Tour Summer, 2010
box [graphic] 2010 Preservation AwardsSunday, May. 2, 2010

Ltr-to-the-Editor: Historical Culture as Economic Opportunity (pdf)

2010 Officers:

2010 Trustees:

  • Kim Morse Cardova
  • Jeff Carson
  • Hal Gardner
  • David J. Heinemann
  • Laura Higbee
  • Kristina "Kris" Klima
  • Jeanne Mithen
  • Chris Schultz
  • Carlton Scroggins
  • Ustaine Talley
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Joan Wagnon
  • Doug Wallace
  • Jack Wisman

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2010 Report

About the Society

2010 Annual Meeting — Sunday, December 5, 2010
The Break Room, 911 S. Kansas Av., Topeka, 2 PM

Shawnee County Historical Society held our Annual Meeting at The Break Room, 911 S. Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS, 66612, 2:00-4:00 p.m. This annual event gave SCHS members and friends an opportunity to share in the accomplishments of the SCHS throughout 2010 and informed themselves of upcoming events and plans. It also served as the annual business meeting of the Society, with voting opportunity on nominations for new trustees. Three thrustees were elected. Jeanne Mithen and Kim Morris Cordova accepted new terms, following completion of their 3-year trustee obligations 2008-2010. Deb Goodrich Bisel accepted her first term position as trustee.

This event coincideed with the 156th anniversary of the founding of Topeka.

The program included a talk by Nathan McAlister, named 2010 National History Teacher of the Year by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. He teaches at Royal Valley Middle School, in Mayetta, where students successfully lobbied the Kansas Legislature to name a portion of US 75 highway as Lane Memorial Trail.

Historian Deb Goodrich Bisel also made a presentation on the 150th anniversary of Kansas statehood and the beginnings of the American Civil War.

This event was free and open to members and those interested in membership. Refreshments were served. The meeting was immediately followed by a tour of nearby Hale Ritchie House renovation progress.

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The Break Room Lane Freedom Trail aprroved by legislature Our attendees Chris Schultz, 2010 president 2010 publications
The Break Room
Lane Freedom Trail
Chris Schultz
Joan Wagnon delivers tresasurers report Doug Wallace discusses upcoming Bulletin Nathan McAlister, RVMS, National History Teacher recognition on Lane Trail project Chris Schultz introduces Deb Goodrich Bisel Comments by Deb Goodrich Bisel
Joan Wagnon
Doug Wallace
Nathan McAlister
Deb Goodrich Bisel intro
Deb Goodrich Bisel

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Hale Ritchie House Tour immediately followed the Annual Meeting

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chatting about preservation of Hale Ritchie House
Hale Ritchie House preservation
South side bay window, looking outside

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November 2010 Open Houses were:
Nov. 6 - Pioneer Days (pioneer weaving, games, recipe tasting)
Nov. 13 - "What the Apple Means to Kansas" with Deb Goodrich
Nov. 20 - Territorial/Bleeding Kansas Days 

- Terrible Homicide, the Trial of John Ritchie
   - The Underground Railroad in Kansas, an historical performance by Anne Hawkins as Mary Jane Ritchie

Nov. 26 - 19th-century Holiday Celebrations

Kansas Capitals/Topeka Capitols — Sunday, Oct.24, 2010

KS Capitol

Visit the Capitol Tour Web Page

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2010 Hale Ritchie Barebones Tour — Summer, 2010
1118 SE Madison St., Topeka, 7 PM

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front porch north side insultation view of front yard detailing
Daryl Nickel, renovator, pours lemonade socializing on the new front porch Trustee Hal Gardner and his wife, Jean standing at the front door
upstairs 1 upstairs 2 rear stairwell historic photo of the Hale Ritchie home

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2010 Preservation Awards — Sunday, May 2, 2010
"The Woodward" , 1272 SW Fillmore St., Topeka, 2 PM

The fourth annual joint awards for preservation of sites reflecting the history of Shawnee County were presented by the Shawnee County Historical Society and the Topeka Landmarks Commission.

Guest speaker was Walt Hillmer, ex-owner of Topeka's long-time downtown business, Hillmer's Leather, Luggage & Gifts. He spoke about the impact on the Topeka community of legendary architect Thomas Williamson, the the landmark buildings he designed in Topeka, including Topeka High School, the First Methodist Church at 6th & Harrison, Mulvane Art Museum on the Washburn University campus, Kansas's largest stee-framed structure, The Jayhawk Hotel at 7th and Jackson Sts., Roosevelt/Boswell/Crane junior high schools, the Van Buren First Station at 17th & Topeka Blvd. and, importantly, Sumner and Monroe elementary schools. Hillmer's complete talk is reproduced in our June 2010 Historical Highlights newsletter, pp. 3-5.

Chris Schultz, Shawnee County Historical Society President, honored these 2010 SCHS Preservation Award recipients:

  •  Sandi Wilber and Barry Busch, for their home, Clifton Farm, at 5343 SE 49th Street, Berryton, Kansas 66409. John Pinegar and Doug Smith •  John Pinegar and Doug Smith, 513 SW Van Buren, Topeka, KS 66603, for their offices in the Ross Row Houses.
Alan and Sabra Shirrell
•  Alan and Sabra Shirrell, PO Box 67, Tecumseh, KS 66542, for the Eli Hopkins House, 6033 SE Hiway US 40. Chester and Colleen Curiright •  Chester and Colleen Curtright, for their home at 1281 SW Buchanan, Topeka, KS 66604.
Steven L. Adams
•  Steven L. Adams, 10050 Jordan Rd, Wakarusa, KS 66546 for the Wakarusa Hotel, same address. Jim and Charlene Robuck and grandson •  Jim and Charlene Robuck, for adaptive reuse of the Shawnee State Bank building at 845 N Kansas Avenue, Topeka, Ks 66608 as jewelry retail store.

Lewellen Crane and Chris SchultzIn addition, the SCHS Preservation Committee recommends that certificates recognizing the following for promoting and preserving Shawnee County heritage:

  • At Home Section of The Topeka Capital Journal, edited by Steve Thompson, for attention given to older homes.
  • Matthew Porubsky for his documentary on C.W. Porubsky Grocery and Meats in North Topeka.
  • Kansas Arts Commission, 700 SW Jackson, Topeka, KS 66603, Lewellen Crane, executive director, for undertaking the adaptive reuse of the Dillon House as its headquarter.

Joan Wagnon and Christy DavisThe Topeka Landmark Commission recognized the legislative delegation from Shawnee County for their efforts in restoring state tax credits for historic preservation. Joan Wagnon, chair of the delegation, accepted the award from Christy Davis.

Chris Schultz Christy Davis
Chris Schultz,
President, Shawnee County Historical Society 2010.
Christy Davis,
Topeka Landmarks Commission

Our thanks to Douglass Wallace for sharing photos of the awards event.
Our thanks to Hi Stockwell for sharing photos of the properties honored.
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2010 building preservation projects honored:
Clifton Farm
Wakarusa Hotel 1
Wakarusa Hotel 2
Clifton Farm, 5343 SE 49th St, Topeka
Wakarusa Hotel, two views, Wakarusa
Eli Hopkins House
Hopkins Coal Shed
Hopkins Barn
Eli Hopkins House, Coal Shed and Barn, Techumseh
1281 SW Buchanan
Shawnee State Bank, converted
513 SW Van Buren
1281 SW Buchanan, Topeka
845 N Kansas Ave., Topeka 513 SW Van Buren,Topeka

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Gary Bisel speaks with Bill Wagnon Kim Morris explains finishing plans Gary climbs the back stairs Gary displays original wood trim that will be returned to place Front stairs, Deb and Betty Preservation sign and Hale Ritchie House exterior View of Ritchie House, north of Hale Ritchie House inspecting progress backyard box of original wood trim large open space South side bay window, looking outside South side bay window, exterior