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box [graphic] A BRIEF HISTORY
The Shawnee County Historical Society formed in 1946. It's founders recognized the need to preserve the facts and legends of the early days of our county up to more recent times. In December of that year, the young organization published its first Bulletin . Since then, the Society has published 85 Bulletins on the history, culture, and heritage of Topeka and Shawnee County. Past Bulletins are considered the hallmark of the Society.
    In January 2003 the Shawnee County Historical Society merged with Historic Topeka. The combination organization is called Shawnee County
Historical Society, but our focus is on both preserving Shawnee County's history and actively protecting the county's historic architecture

box [graphic] SOCIETY NEWS ARCHIVE: 2003-2013

box [graphic] Society Newsletters
      • March 2014 — PDF file New
      • November 2013 — PDF file
      • August 2013 — PDF file
      • May 2013 — PDF file
      • March 2013 — PDF file
      • November 2012 — PDF file
      • August. 2012 — PDF file
      • June. 2012 — PDF file
      • April 2012 — PDF file
      • April 2011 — PDF file
      • November 2010
— PDF file
      • Sept. 2010 — PDF file
      • June 2010 — PDF file
      • April 2010 — PDF file
      • November 2009 — PDF file
November 2008 — PDF file
September 2008 — PDF file
      • October 2007 — PDF file
      • August 2007 — PDF file
      • February 2007 — PDF file
      • October 2005 — PDF file
      June 2005 — PDF file
      March 2005 — HTML file
      October/November 2003 — PDF file

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box [graphic] CURRENT TRUSTEES

2014 Officers:

2014 Trustees:

  • George Bernheimer
  • Debra Goodrich Bisel
  • Jon Boursaw
  • Jacqueline Bugg
  • David J. Heinemann
  • Susan K. Hudgens
  • Chris Keeshan
  • Duane Pomeroy
  • Christine Steinkuehler
  • Bill Wagnon
  • Jill Wolters
  • Doug Wright

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box [graphic] 2013 Trustee Meetings
Trustee meeting are held every third Tuesday of the month -- now at the newly-opened Hale Ritchie House, 7 PM.
Guests & visitors are always welcome!!

box [graphic] JOIN US !

Membership in SCHS is from January 1-December 31 each year. There are three levels of support. The Society greatly appreciates and benefits from the highest level of membership in which you are able to participate. You will receive:

Membership revenues also support other local endeavors including our Educational Initiative and History Day at Washburn University.

Your Society also works closely with the Kansas State Historical Society -- and, since its merger with Historic Topeka, Inc., includes a preservation focus, meant to preserve and celebrate the tangible aspects of our heritage.

You may pay securely on-line using either your PayPal account or a major credit card.

Select a Membership Level:

If you prefer to join or renew by mailing your check, we also provide a Membership Form you can print, fill in, and mail.

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Free Bulletins and newsletters mailed directly to you

About the Bulletins
The Shawnee County Historical Society is committed to preserving the past and making it accessible to those interested in knowing who we are and where we come from. Published were annually, 1946-2011, by volunteer researchers and writers who explore a certain topic in time, the Bulletins take us back to our roots, connecting us to our rich past and to those who came before us.

Recent Bulletins

About the newsletter
The News is published periodically and mailed to your home. It is an important information source for the Society's special events, annual meeting, past and upcoming Bulletins, President's messages, and other topics of interest to members. Read our most current newsletter (PDF file.)

Your participation
Most current members would tell you they joined the Society to receive the annual Bulletins in order to gain increased awareness of the history of Shawnee County. However, membership can involve much more participation — as much as you wish! Check the News for the many ways you can get involved in your Society: volunteering to work on the next Bulletin , helping organize the next Annual Meeting, or serving on one of the committees established by the officers of the Board. You'll soon discover the joys of taking part in celebrating our common heritage and make new friends at the same time.

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box [graphic] CONTACT US:
Email us about the SCHS web site
Email us about Society business
phone: 785-234-6097 [Leave a voice message. We'll return your call.]

Shawnee County Historical Society
P.O. Box 2201
Topeka, KS 66601-2201

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in-quote [graphic]Shawnee County is blessed with a great history. The Society's mission is to make people aware of that history, principally through publications which take us back to our roots.out-quote [graphic]
—June Windscheffel

in-quote [graphic]Preserving and interpreting the little stone house at 1116 Madison assures that a rare artifact of early Kansas remains available to successive generations for insights grained by studying those who have gone before. Built by John and Mary Jane Richie between 1856 and 1887, the house represents the struggle to make Kansas a land of the free. their lives typified the generation of Kansas pioneers whose dedication and energies laid the foundation for the state.out-quote [graphic]
—Bill Wagnon

in-quote [graphic]The Society answers my questions, 'Why is it called River Road? Why is this building no longer in use?' It extends my knowledge of who I am, where I live — I'm part of a place that produced people, products, and traditions.out-quote [graphic]
—Daisy Wright

in-quote [graphic]When we look at an old building or read about an historical event like the Oregon Trail, we don't appreciate their significance unless we know something about their history. The Society gives us the background that helps us understand and enjoy more of what we have inherited from those who have built our community.out-quote [graphic]
—Irving Sheffel

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